8th Grade Information

Welcome to the 8th Grade Information

 Hello Parents/Guardians of Graduates,

As you are aware, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and as such there have been limitations and restrictions placed on public gatherings. We have remained committed to providing our students with a quality education throughout remote learning and our short period of in-person learning. With that same effort and determination, we are working hard to provide our eighth graders with a memorable, abbreviated, in-person graduation ceremony. We know that this celebration of our students’ accomplishments is a big part of the Coolidge experience and tradition, and we are all saddened that there are limitations placed upon celebrating their accomplishments as a part of the Coolidge family. However, we have made every endeavor to create a ceremony that is memorable and special for each graduate.

Thus, we are providing a schedule and information to help you and our graduates have a smooth end to the 2020-2021 school year:

  • Continued in-person and remote learning until May  20
  • Thursday May 20 – Last day of instruction for 8th Graders (Both Remote and In-Person)
  • Monday – Wednesday, May 24 – May 26 -Technology and Book Drop-Off (Remote students and any remaining in-person students who did not turn in their devices, equipment, or books during the last week of in-person instruction)
    • Drp-Off Times:
      • Monday, May 24 – Wednesday, May 26: 8am- 6pm
  • May 18-20 – In-Person students will be turning in technology and books to homeroom teachers.
  • Returning Technology Devices:  The items listed below must be returned during the Drop-Off times provided to receive graduation packages.  If the item is not returned or is badly damaged and beyond repair, replacement fees are listed below.  Please note that the only acceptable forms of payment for replacement fees are cash or money order. 
      • Laptop – Replacement fee is $250
      • Hotspot - $75
      • A/C  Adaptor -  $30
      • Carrying Case -$25
      • (Hard Cover) Textbooks (prices determined by the content-area textbook)
    • The technlogy department will then give you a ticket to release your graduation package (cap and gowns, etc.).
  • Monday – Wednesday May 24-28 – Graduation Package Pickup from 8am-6pm
    • Graduatin Packages include: No Fees Assessed to Parents
        • Cap and Gown with 2021 tassel
        • Ribbon set
        • Class T-Shirt (in-person students will receive their T-shirt during the week of May 17)
        • Awards
        • Tote Bag, courtesy of the Village of Phoenix
        • Individually named yard sign for each graduate, courtesy of JMA, Inc.
    • Graduatin Items given out at the graduation ceremony
      • Diploma
      • Report Card
      • Meal Card ($40.00) to a local restaurant for a family of 4, courtesy of District 151

To reiterate, all computer equipment (carrying case, hotspot, laptop, and A/C adaptor) will need to be returned before any graduation materials will be handed out.

The “Receiving of Diplomas” ceremony must be scheduled and will start taking place June 1 to approximately June 4, 2021 in the gym at Coolidge Middle School.

Due to the Covid-19 restriction on public gatherings we will be conducting a small group “Receiving of Diplomas” graduation ceremony for our students. We will provide a 30-minute slot for a group of ten students to come to the school in their caps and gowns and participate in the graduation ceremony. Each student may bring two family members only with him/her to the ceremony. Early next week we will share a sign-up link so you may select the time you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony. This will be on a first come, first served basis. We ask that you adhere to the slot you sign up for in order to keep the ceremonies on schedule. Please enter the school through the atrium doors (Door 12) and follow the directions from staff. After the ceremony is over, we will have backdrops available for your graduate to have pictures taken in their caps and gowns. The pictures will be emailed at a later date. Athe end of your time slot, your party will exit out the atrium doors.

Our prayer is to keep all our students, families, and staff safe and healthy! Please reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

Yours in educating children,

Mrs. Payne and the 8th Grade Team


Here is the link for signing up for graduation:



Hello Future 8th Graders,

First and foremost, I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during the pandemic and this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. Secondly, congratulations on successfully completing the 7th grade and being promoted to 8th grade. The purpose of this letter is to outline the 8th Grade Team’s expectations and requirements to successfully navigate 8th grade and be part of the Class of 2021.

We will begin the school year remotely. This will be different from last spring because we will be returning to a traditional format of school just from home. Students will be expected to log on to their computers at 7:52 and report to homeroom. They will then proceed through their day as they would at school. They will attend class via Google Classroom with their teacher and fellow students every day. Homework and classwork will be given daily. We will follow our normal grading scale and letter grades will be given. We will begin working through Google Classroom on Tuesday September 8th. 

Your homeroom teacher will be calling parents and students starting next Monday (August 31) to discuss the school year and the expectation of students through this process. On Friday September 4th the 8th grade staff will be at the school with the technology department to distribute technology devices, book bags, and textbooks. The time for this will be from 8am - 6pm. It is essential that all students pick up their supplies, however if you have not completed the registration process online for the school year no supplies will be issued. 

The 8th grade team has many activities planned for you. However, there are mandatory requirements, that must be met in order to participate in the 2021 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. The first requirement is that every student must maintain at least a 1.5 stepsheet average or higher to qualify for the ceremony. Stepsheets will be issued when and if we return to in-person learning. The graduation package includes 2 tickets for those students who meet this threshold. If a student has a stepsheet average between a 2.5 and 3.49, they will earn an additional ticket. If your stepsheet average is between a 3.5 and 4.0, you will earn an additional two tickets. It is imperative that you carry your step sheet with you at all times and present it upon request.

The second requirement is that all students must pass their federal and state constitution tests. This content is taught during the months of January and February in your Social Studies class. It is very important that students are at school every day and stay on pace with the schedule provided.

The third requirement is that all students must write and pass their research project. This requirement is taught under the guidance of the English Language Arts department during the FIRST quarter of the school year. Students will receive a deadline for completion and specific instructions to help you meet the requirement.

We expect our 8th graders to be the best-behaved students in the school because they are the most mature and oldest students in the building. You set the example for the 6th and 7th graders by behaving properly. Although we expect and appreciate well-behaved students, it is important to understand that you earn your grades based on the quality of the work you submit. At the end of the school year, awards, scholarships and NJHS consideration is based on your ability to be successful in your studies and behave appropriately. Each academic department in the 8th grade has specific expectations which are outlined below:

English/Language Arts

The curriculum for 8th grade is My Perspectives, the same series used in 7th grade. We will begin the year with our district required research paper. Detailed instruction is provided daily, and it is important that you follow the prescribed timeline and strive to submit quality work. In order to prepare you for the rigors of high school, we do not give completion grades or accept late work – quality and timeliness of work matters. We teach all 4 components of literacy – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The expectation is that each student pursue mastery in all four domains.

SUMMER ASSIGNMENT:  ALL students should select and read a novel, of their choice, over the summer. Be prepared to discuss your selection upon return to school.


Hello future 8th graders! We cannot wait to meet you and work with you to build your problem-solving & critical thinking skills. We will continue to use the same CMP-3 curriculum that you have used since 6th grade. We will communicate with your 7th grade math teachers to gain an understanding of your skill base and needs. This will help us design and structure the learning process that will best help you build on the mathematical foundation that you have already established. Some other tools used both in and out of the classroom are Khan Academy and Desmos.  Please know that the bar is set high and your best efforts are expected. Homework is given 3-5 days per week and will be graded for accuracy. Feedback will be provided with the intention of correcting misunderstandings and leading to improvement.  We have one goal in mind and that is to properly prepare you as you move forward.

Summer Assignment: Create an account on Khan Academy. Under courses, start at any grade level and/or any skill that you see fit and work your way up from there. Review math concepts that YOU KNOW you are deficient in.  Keep a notebook of the concepts/skills you practiced to show your 8th grade math teacher upon your return to school.

Algebra (Math One)

Hello to my Honors students. I cannot wait to meet you and work with you to build your problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Because this class requires a higher level of rigor, I expect that you are ready to learn at a faster pace and are willing to dig deeper into the concepts. For this class, we use a combination of resources; the CMP-3 curriculum that you have used since 6th grade, an Algebra textbook, and modules from the Mathematics Vision Project Math One course. Some other tools used both in and out of the classroom are Khan Academy and Desmos. Because this is a high school level course, you will take a midterm exam in the winter and a final exam in the spring. Passing the course and advancing to the next course depends on your performance on these two assessments as well as your class performance.   Please know that the set bar is set high and your best efforts are expected. Homework is given 3-5 days per week and will be graded for accuracy. Feedback will be provided with the intention of correcting misunderstandings and leading to improvement. We have one goal in mind and that is to properly prepare you as you move forward.

Summer Assignment: Create an account on Khan Academy. Under Courses, choose 7th grade. Spend 15 minutes daily watching videos and practicing the skills reviewed in the course. Keep a daily notebook of the concepts/skills you practiced to show me upon returning to school.  Please note the dates in your daily heading. It is my expectation that you have a firm understanding of every concept covered in the 7th grade curriculum. I also expect you to be fluent in solving equations in one variable (up to multi-step) and identifying linear equations (y=mx+b) in equation, tabular, and graphical form.

Social Studies

The 8th grade curriculum for Social Studies is TCi, which is the same program that was used in 7th grade. It is a different series because our focus is on World Geography, World Cultures, and World Social Issues. We also include DBQs (Document Based Questions) for each lesson we cover. TCi will mostly be completed online. DBQs are used to help students analyze nonfiction informational text, as well as using the information to write an opinion driven essay backed by facts. As stated above, the students will be completing the Federal and State Constitutions. The students will be receiving booklets to complete. There will be a Federal Constitution test and a State Constitution test. The dates will be provided at the beginning of the year.


The 8th grade curriculum for year is primarily based upon physical science. The first topic that we will be covering will be basic chemistry in terms of atoms through elements and compounds. The second topic that will be covered will be basic physics of motion, forces, and energy. The third topic that we will cover will be Light and Waves. 

We are looking forward to working with you and having a successful 2020-2021 school year and to make you as prepared for high school as we can.

Yours in Education,

The 8th Grade Team

Happy New School Year!

The school board has decided that we will be remote learning through the first semester of the school at this point. Remote learning will look different than it did in the Spring.

Here are the expectations:

1. Students are to log into their Homeroom between 7:52 and 8:00 am for attendance and any daily announcements.

2. Students will follow their normal schedules as they would if in the building. This means that their core classes will be from 8:10 until 12:25 every day. Their encore classes will take place from 1:00pm until 2:30 every day. 

3.  Grading will return to normal. Classwork, homework, and assessments will be given for letter grades.

4. Great Digital Citizenship. In other words, act appropriately, dress appropriately, and treat this like school!

5. We will  be using Google Classrooms this year. It is very similar to Teams but has more functions and features. 

Directions to access different textbooks online:



Your user name is:  first two letters of first name@last name@151

Example:  John Smith:  jo@Smith@151 (if that does not work add the number 1 after your last name). If it still does not work please contact me and I will get if for you.

Your Password is: shsd151

English/Language Arts and Math

1. Go to www.pearsonrealize.com
2. Log in with username (contact teacher - same username for math and ELA )
3. Password Cool8!!!

Social Studies

1-Go to www.teachtci.com
2-Type in teacher name
3-Type in username and password
4-If you do not know your username or password or both, email your teacher

Information to come!

In the future we will be posting permission slips and flyers for 8th grade field trips and All-School Field trips in this section.